taxbreaks_091224_mnYour growing small business needs strategic planning in managing all types of resources. Taxation is one major part of your business and a single mistake in tax planning or tax preparation can affect your business negatively. Strother’s Bookkeeping & Tax Service Inc. has been serving its clients since 1980, managing their personal and business tax planning and preparation. Our clients are individuals as well as small business owners, who have been doing business with us for years.

As registered tax return preparers, we especially focus on preparing returns for multiple years, multiple states, and for non-filers. If you are considering whether to prepare the tax returns yourself, there are several challenges that may lie ahead of you. You must keep in mind that the tax laws and forms change every year, and you may find it difficult to research the necessary tax codes and/or obtain the necessary tax forms. Also, you may be missing some or all of your records that will be needed to prepare those returns. Furthermore, you may not need to file tax returns for all of the years that you believe may need filing.

Let us assist you in determining which tax returns need to be filed, and we will work with you to prepare those returns as aggressively and ethically as possible. We will obtain all of your records that are on file with the IRS, and possibly the state tax agencies, and guide you in reconstructing any necessary information or documentation that may be missing. Our goal is to help you stay in conformity with the law while receiving the tax credits and deductions you deserve. Strother’s Bookkeeping & Tax service Inc. can also assist with for tax planning for individuals, small business owners, and executives, corporations, shareholders, and closely-held businesses.

We have the resources, knowledge, and expertise to prepare any and all types of returns for you, including the following:

  • Individual
  • Corporate
  • Employment
  • Partnership
  • LLC
  • State
  • Estate
  • Trust
  • Sole Proprietorship

If you are searching for a highly qualified representative to prepare and file your returns with the IRS and state tax agencies, our team of registered tax return preparers offer our services with the highest levels of quality and professionalism. We can assist in preparing your past due returns and negotiating a resolution on any resulting back taxes (and penalties and interest), whether they total in the millions or only several thousand.