Company-Bookkeeping-Luton-1In this economy, small business start-ups are on the rise. Statics show that many companies, by their third year of business, end up with severe tax debt because they didn’t understand self-employment tax. Typically, by the fifth year the company can’t recover unless change has been implemented in that third year. This can all be avoided by taking the necessary steps in the start-up phase of your small business.

Strother’s Bookkeeping & Tax Service LLC. has the experience necessary to get your small  business off and running. Working with a number of small businesses that vary in size and industry, we have the expertise to assist you in accomplishing you business goals each step of the way. We can assist you with everything from forming your appropriate business entity to maintaining your day to day activity.

When starting a small business it is crucial that you understand the tax consequences in the beginning. To incorporate or not? Maybe you’re interested in forming a non-profit. You need to consult with a tax professional to make informed choices. Strother’s Bookkeeping & Tax Service, LLC. can start your business out on the right path. We offer outsourced bookkeeping and tax services, along with a mix of small business consulting services for our clients to choose. Let us alleviate some of the stress associated with starting a business, so you can focus on growing your business. All of our services are customizable to better suit each client’s individual needs. Our experienced staff will ensure your first steps as a small business are good ones, ensuring that you spend your time on more important things like servicing your customers.